Connecting arduino uno r4 with blynk

I’m trying to connect my arduino uno r4 wifi with blynk. I’ve followed github instructions (GitHub - Blynk-Technologies/BlynkNcpExample_Arduino: Example IoT application using Blynk.NCP) and keep getting stuck on the last step (on my iphone it just get stuck on “waiting for device online”). When i tried the arduino_wifi_shiled on arduino ide examples with wifiS3.h, my serial monitor shows that its constanly connecting to wifi. The device still shows offline on blynk console.
20:18:41.323 → [20002] Connecting to Univeristy Towers
20:19:11.524 → [50148] Connecting to Univeristy Towers
20:19:41.712 → [80294] Connecting to Univeristy Towers
20:20:11.889 → [110440] Connecting to Univeristy Towers
I’m not sure if this is a hardware issue or something else since I’ve tried to use arduino iot and the connection was really bad (board will respond about every 5 seconds). Please let me know what to do. Thank you!!

When you say you’ve followed the instructions, does that include these instructions…