Connect User to BLE in Play Mode

I have “created” an app where one enters personal information and it is saved to the arduino. The main method is that the user scan the QR code of my app and opens it on their phone and connects to the device and enters their information. I have a problem though, because the user cannot connect to the BLE while it is in play mode; BLE can only be connected to out of play mode. How then, do I allow the user to connect their phone to the device if they can only access it in play mode, and can not connect to BLE through the widget?

Attempted solutions:
Connecting to the BLE (HM-10) through device settings. ==> does not work (most likely because it cannot read auth token to tell if they are the same)
Cloning the app instead will not work either; the goal is for the user not to have to edit the code at all. Please help!

**hardware is arduino uno with HM-10