Connect two devices with Edgent


I’m trying to connect two devices, ESP8266 and esp 32 with Blynk2.0, Edgent.
There are tutorials to do that without Edgent , I couldn’t find a tutorial to do that using Edgent.
could you please advise if this is possible to do that with Edgent and provide links for tutorials.
thank you

Even you say “two devices” do you mean that you want them to be two separate devices in Blynk, or do you mean that you s9mehow want to transfer data from one device to another (via serial maybe) then have one of these devices upload this data to Blynk?

Or, are you maybe talking about a replacement for the Legact Bridge functionality?

The more information you can provide about exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve -and why- tge more likely you are to get sensible and useful answers.


I want to turn on or off device using esp8266 by order come from esp32.

example: I have a light connected with esp8288 and I want it to turn on if someone open the door that connected with esp32, if door is opened turn on the light.

The solution is to use the HTTP(S) API as described here…

The functions used in this sketch should also work fine with Edgent.


I really would advise you to articulate your questions better.

If English isn’t your first language then maybe you should use your own language to ask the detailed questions and allow us to use Deepl or Google Translate.


This sounds like an Automation scenario. Have you tried it?
More info: