Connect to ESP8266 without port forwarding?


I have figured out my code, made everything work and its great!

Im having trouble accessing my hardware (ESP-8266-12E) from outside my home. I know about port forwarding, however, i wanted to also make a couple of these to gift to friends where it would work out of the box once connected to their router. Is there a way to get around this?

Are you using local server??

I dont even know how to go about doing that…

Currently i can only access and control my switched when im connected to my home wifi.

I think you are using Blynk cloud server.
Then no need to port forwarding.
What you want exact please explain?

This is due to internet connection.
Can you explain what is your device.

I have the ESP8266 and am using it as an environment control for my pets. it is connected to a heat pad, uvb lights, a fan and a misting system with relays.

it seems like my unit is not connecting to the cloud as only when im home can i see data but i copied the how to?.

Your esp is connected to the home wiffi network.
Is this right?
And you are able to control your device from your home network.
What happens when you switch to another network or mobile data & what Blynk app shows??

yes correct, if i switch or put my cell on mobile data it doesnt connect.

What it show’s??
Past some screenshots.

Just out of curiousity, are we talking snakes here? I’d love to see some pictures of the hardware setup you made if it is snakes (my wife wants one too when our current lizard is no more).

As @saurabh47 says, if you copy/pasted stuff from example sketches there is not much that can go wrong and in the cloud you should be able to control your devices.

BUT (here it comes), some cell providers deny access to SSL servers (which is where the Blynk App connects to) on a different port than 443. Easiest to figure this out would be to go to a friends house, get on the wifi there and see if it works.

I haven’t said this.
I think he is facing an as you said.

I was referring to the cloud server and the no port-forwarding remark from you :slight_smile:

But it could be handy to indeed show us some screenshots of what’s going wrong where.