Connect throught WiFi on Ethernet shield Fail

Hi there Blynk Boys and Girls.

What I am trying to do is a home alarm.
In fact I had made it and it is quite reliable with real time data about PIR sensors
and door traps in my phone and I would be very happy to share it with Blynk community
when it is fully made.
I use UNO for analog reading with voltage dividers and ethernet shield to send data, if the house power is off it is
powered by battery but ethernet router will be off.
So a solution to this is if blynk is disconnected to use a nodemcu esp8266-12E that I have around to connect to my phones WiFi hotspot and provide blynk connection so I can turn off alarm. Uno and esp8266 would be Serially connected.

@Nuclearteo should be this is in the “Projects …” section rather than the “Help…” section?

Or do you need help with your project as I don’t see any questions?