Connect multiple esp 01s bord to one blynk template to control relay

I have 4 ,esp 01 relay module . I need to control these 4 relay module with one template . I used 4 different virtual pins also . But after i upload the code and trying to control through the blynk app only finely connected esp relay module (to blynk ) get data . Other esp relay modules are not getting any response . Why it happen . I guide the YouTube video also but same problem

Which YouTube video?

Your terminology is a bit confusing. Blynk templates are used to define the datastreams, not control hardware. You create devices based on your template, and this is where you control the devices from. Have you created four devices, and used the four unique Auth tokens associated with these devices in the four sketches for your ESP-01s ?


This is youtube video link :-

I need to control multiple esp 01 bord with one blynk dashboard Because these Esp 01 bord are in different places . This is my blynk template

In blynk 2.0 stile working like showing in youtube video ?

No, Blynk IoT works differently to Blynk Legacy that is shown in the video.
Blynk Legacy used Projects, with devices within the project.
Projects don’t exist in Blynk IoT and a new concept of Templates has been introduced instead, but templates are very different to projects.

I would suggest that you use one template, with just a single virtual pin and single switch widget attached to that virtual pin, to control your devices. You then create four devices based on this template, and use each device within the app to control each ESP board.

Take a look at the Blynk IoT documentation and you’ll see some examples of how this can work.


Thanks @PeteKnight