Connect esp13 with blynk

hi Blynkers,
please any one know how to use Wifi shield (esp13) to connect with blynk.

you need a serial usb converter to transfer blynk code

thank you Alexis,
but I need to connect blynk using wifi shield (esp13) not using usb serial.

before you can connect to blynk server
you have to upload blynk code to esp 13?
true or false ?

I think it’s an Arduino shield. If so then I assume that it’s being used like an ESP-01 to provide Wi-Fi access.

Yes, I know how crazy that is! The expression “putting lipstick on a pig” springs to mind.


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You could start with searching this forum :wink: - this topic might help apply that lipstick :pig: ;P… or you might want change to different hardware… I suspect even an ESP-01 is easier to configure then this fixed shield.