Connect Esp 8266 to blynk local server using zerotier

I have created blynk local server.
To get access from distance I used zerotier.
But dont know how to connect esp to local server please explain

You probably need to explain more about what you are trying to achieve.

The ESP will be unaware of ZeroTier. If the ESP is on the same network as the local server then simply use the IP address of the local server in your sketch.


In zerotier i created a virtual network ie vpn.
I have connected server and blynk app successful using this but how to connect esp to server

You still haven’t provided the necessary information.
Is the ESP attached to the same actual (not virtual) network as your server?


No it’s a vpn it. Esp is not connected to vpn. My question is how to connect esp to that vpn (zerotier). Coding needed…
Note: blynk app and local server in same network (vpn) so i connected it easily. How to connect esp to that vpn(zerotier network)

I don’t think you can.
The ESP is unaware of the ZeroTier network, and I’m not aware of a ZeroTier library for the ESP.

You should use a DDNS service and port forwarding.


Ok sir,
Is there any other way to connect Blynk-local server-esp 8266 over internet without router.
If so please mention app Or software.

I really don’t understand what it is that you are trying to achieve, because instead of providing all the information up front, or answering questions, you’re simply asking more questions.

I’d suggest that you take a step back and explain in detail what it is that you are trying to achieve, and why. Then we might be able to give you some meaningful advice.


I have created a blynk local server success fully and have ran blynk app and node mcu in it using mobile hotspot connected to both. I don’t have a router so port forwarding is not possible for running server in over internet.So I tried with zerotier. And successful connected blynk local server and the blynk app. But unfortunately I don’t know how to connect esp nodemcu with the local server. This is the problem. to connect nodemcu with blynk local server in zerotier
2. A way to connect blynk app, local server and nodemcu in internet without router

I want to connect blynk local server to blynk app and nodemcu from distance over internet without router

I’m not aware of any solution that would work in your scenario.

You’d be better-off using the Blynk cloud servers, or setting-up a Blynk “local” server on a cloud-based platform such as AWS (although the cost of this may be more than the savings you achieve by having your own server and granting yourself unlimited energy).


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Ok sir
Thank you

For those looking for answers to the questions in the thread - there is a solution. A Husarnet VPN Client software library for ESP32. Follow: