Confused on how to give Devices to Users

Still challenged on this one. I’ve even read the doc!

I want my wife to be able to see and use two of the Blynk IoT Devices I have developed.
I have Blynk PLUS. I am the Device Owner and Developer.
I want my wife to see and be able to operate one or two of my Devices, not all of them. I do not want her configuring Devices, just use them as I programmed. I assume that means she is a User (Staff?).

Where do I look to understand this, please? Thanks.

make her the owner of 2 devices only and disable tenplate editing fro her

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Assign her as an owner of the devices + use a role for her that doesn’t have permission “View organization devices”.

Thank you Dmitriy. Almost there.

How do I, as the Developer, assign a Device to a User without Transferring the Device and losing ownership as the Developer?

Can a Device have multiple owners?

I did understand your “View organizational devices” thought. Thanks again.

As an administrator of the organization you will see all devices that belong to this organization, even if the owner of device is a different user (as long as they are members of your organization).

Actually the organisation idea is totally new and powerful !! At the same time bit confusing.

I request Blynk team to make a tutorial on how to use the organisation and explain few terms like what is device transfer, owner, etc etc… i know the docs pretty much explains it !!! But when we try to apply it in the real case scenario, the confusion starts… so it would be really good if its explained with the real case scenes with examples…


Thanks, all. This is very helpful. (My wife can now use two of my Blynk Devices.)

Question; how would I distribute Devices to multiple Users, like my kids? The Transfer capability seems to allow only one Device Owner at a time.

Observation: when Transferring Device Ownership to someone, the Device disappears from the Developer’s PC webpage browser screen. The Transferred Device returns with a browser refresh or by exiting the screen and returning, but this behavior caused me confusion. I am on Win 10 & Chrome, all up-to-date versions.

I agree with Madhukesh that this was confusing. Powerful, but confusing.

All is good. As a Developer and Admin, I see all known Devices on my mobile apps and on my webpage. Thanks for getting me over this challenge.

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You can invite them in your own org and grant “View organizational devices” permission. In that case, they will see all devices.
With the PRO plan you can also create suborganization and move required devices/users to this org, so all your family devices/users will be isolated within this organization.

I think this issue should be fixed already.