Conflict in blynk and spark interval timer library

I Was trying to use spark interval library to Push data to blynk from Particle photon to avoid flood error .

But both have some conflict as spark interval library functions works only when, is disabled as verified from led blinks .

is there a example for pushing data,send email ,send notification to blynk from particle photon .

Is there a easier way to resolve this without using spark interval library with code example .

thanking you all in advance…

I’m using sparkcore polled timer library and never had any issues for more than a year

do you have the code example for reference … am i using the wrong spark core library

Have you tried searching? :wink:

Second one:

i think the spark interval library is timer interrupt based may be blyk is using the same timer …

I am using the Particle photon ?

I thing I found out I have been using Sparkintervaltime library instead of Sparkcorepolled timer.

Thanks Pavel…I just love blynk thanks