Confirming Static Token Use - WiFi

I believe I have an understanding of the flow and issues, but I thought I would confirm everything to make sure.

The situation is this. I want to sell my WiFi connected device to a retailer. I was thinking of using Static Tokens so I didn’t need the users e-mail address since I won’t be selling directly to the end user. However reading through the docs this won’t work. The user will still need an e-mail invitation from me in order to properly be attached to my organization.

I guess this is where Blynk.Discovery comes in? My question is with Blynk.Discovery will the user still be attached to my organization? My main concern is customer service and OTA updates.

It’s all just a little awkward when you don’t sell direct to the end customer. Of course I can ask for the e-mail addresses, but that’s not the most straight forward flow.

Thanks for any clarifications!

(Edit: I’m on PRO)
(Edit 2: For direct sales I use normal wifi provisioning with e-mails sent. No issues)


This is a good question. It’s not yet decided. But it seems, that “attached” is the only option, otherwise OTA will be not possible, and without OTA it’s not a “real” commercial product :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the clarification @Dmitriy hopefully Blynk.Discovery is ready to go soon!