Configuration error during provisioning

Hi, I have a commercial Blynk project. I have a customer that keeps getting this message while trying to provision: “Configuration error.” What could be causing this? I have many devices all around the country that have been provisioned without any issues. I even sent him another device to see if it was a problem with the device. But the same thing happens. Could it be something with his router? With his network provider? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The hardware is a custom esp32 based board, and I am running blynk edgent and using dynamic provisioning.

Do they have an unusual SSID or password (very long, or as unusual characters) for the network they are trying to provision it to?

Is it a 2.4GHz network?

Is the template name that you’ve assigned longer than for your other clients?

Does the board have a serial port that the client could use with a serial monitor program?


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Good questions. It’s the same template I’m using for all my customers, so same name. Unfortunately I use a stand alone programmer for the board. If my customer wants to attempt it, I was going to send him a programmer so he could get me a screen shot of the serial monitor. I haven’t asked him about his SSID or password. I didn’t know there were limitations there. Is that based on the preferences library? What unusual characters are you thinking could cause a problem? Also, do you know where I can get more information on the “action codes” in the picture I attached above? I cant find anything on Blynk’s website or documentation about them. Thanks Pete!

Those are just numerical presentation of actions, i.e. 74 - was creating new token for a device. It is the last command before app drops server connection to talk to the device. After that we see app reconnected to server (2 == login) and tried to fetch that device (apparently without success).

Hard to tell more without logs (hardware and/or app). Very often it is just incorrect wifi credentials entered by user.

I have been getting this error more often recently I have also found that things are running much slower. Not sure if it is on my end or not, It was very quick to re provision
but now takes a while and fails very often.

If I wait until I see the device wifi then it works better. It looks like it is taking about 20 seconds per call to the blink edgent.