Configurable reset time on Blynk button

I’m creating a business solution for monitoring the status of a electrical cabinet at a truck loading terminal where they connect freezer containers. I got curious about the possibility to implement Blynk to make it easy for the workers to check if the containers have power (A failure in the power to the freezer container can be very expensive!). Blynk works fine for what I’m trying to accomplish with it except for one little detail…

Which leads me to my app feature suggestion:
Right now I’m using a Blynk button as a LED (since the led modules are too small in my oppinion)
The MCU sends a ‘1’ every second to a Blynk button which displays the on status ‘OK’ as long as the
MCU has power and keeps sending it. What I like the button to do, is to bounce back to ‘0’ which displays the off status ‘Error’ as soon as it hasn’t recieved a 1 for a set amount of time to indicate that the MCU is offline or has lost connection.

Short version:
Allow buttons in the Blynk app to bounce back to the off state if it hasn’t received a update in a while.
Should be configurable in the Blynk app.

You could just send 1 and 0 at 1s intervals and if the “button” stops flashing you know you have a problem.

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I’ve been asking for a similar feature… a timeout feature for the LED widget.
An option in the widget options to set a delay or timeout to turn the LED off if no new data is received.

However this is hard because the app only reflects the server’s last received data.

@Costas’s solution is best. Otherwise you could also use the sendUptime example to push the mcu uptime. If you see the counter stop or start from 0 then you have a problem with disconnects.