Config widget (like editable INI file)

I think can be usefull a text editor with a INI like template, to edit and save our parameters to read from our hardware.
We can place the widget under a tab (maybe with password) and use to change on the fly all kind of config on our hardware.
So… my hardware can poll this widget point to (liki INI files) to an heder and a key and get the desired value.

I join the question.
If I understand correctly, there is no possibility to edit widget text field in Value Display and Labeled Value Display and retrieve the contents from the hardware.
And the only ways are using Slider Control and Terminal.

It is very strange, because it is the most suitable way to pass some settings to the hardware.

I think there is since quite recent. It’s called .setProperty and there should be some info on the forum on this and probably in the documentation too.

from the widget side! And read it from the hardware side.

E.g. I have necessity to change on the fly a set of program parameters. It is very unpleasant from the terminal widget.

Then A “TextEdit” like widget would be more “Appropriate” for this problem.

The only mad solution that came in mind.
Obviously, Table Widget was built hastily: there is “add” command but not “change” command.
So, TABredraw procedure takes a lot of time.

Impossible to load screenshot and to format message :frowning:

#define TAB		V4
#define TERM		V5
#define SetupSize	4

WidgetTerminal terminal(TERM);

int rowId, val[SetupSize]={1, 2, 3, 4};
String ptxt[SetupSize]={"Value1", "Value2", "Value3", "Value4"};

   String cmd = param[0].asStr();
   rowId = param[1].asInt();
   if ((cmd == "select")||(cmd == "deselect")) {
		terminal.println(String("Enter Value for ") + ptxt[rowId]);
	//EEPROM save...
void TABredraw(void){
	Blynk.virtualWrite(TAB, "clr");
	for(rowId=0; rowId<=SetupSize-1; rowId++){
		Blynk.virtualWrite(TAB, "add", rowId, ptxt[rowId], val[rowId]);
void clearterm(void){
void setup(){

bit like your dreadfully formatted sketch, eh?

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Not mea culpa
All fomatting controls are disabled

So backticks don’t work for you or the </> button?
Please provide your OS details and we will try to replicate your problem.

It is. Windows 10x64, Chrome, IE, Edge, etc.
All controls are greyed.

Do you have backticks on your keyboard?

Well, I correct it manually, now, how to insert image from disk ?

I suspect your problem is javascript related. When I have used Edge on a 64bit Win10 machine it was fine.

Out of interest does the docs page show OK for you as another Edge user had a problem with it?

Docs page looks fine. Upload control works, but hangs in endless Loading…
Smiles works OK and that’s all.

Finally, I could upload image from home PC.
Costas, maybe there is a sense to delete extra messages?