Complex Email Despatch - Email Constrcution from Templates

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I’m working on a project where the communication of information would, ideally, be accompanied with detailed information on how to fix the problem.

For example, where the level of humidity in an environment is too high, I would like to offer a set of instructions on how to recalibrate the airflow in the afflicted device.

I can add the necessary text/html into the Arduino sketch and use the widget to send the missive. It works beautifully, but the problem is it takes up a lot of sketch!

What I need is a server that will communicate with the Blynk device, in such a way that the server knows which device is calling the error and, having received a number of parameters, can despatch a complex email to the intended recipient, specifically the device owner, detailing the error condition and, in addition, detailed information about how to cure the problem…

I’m envisioning a system where any number of templates can be pre-designed on the server and populated using the Blynk parameters received from the device. In this way, the server can be loaded with a large number of detailed emails, complete with attachments if necessary, without having to maintain all of that information in the application sketch itself.

I can think of a few ways to achieve this, with the idea that I can build a server platform that would simply pick up a simple e-mail missive from the Blynk Email Widget, parse the received text and then construct the outbound email to the end-user accordingly. I built something along those lines many years ago, but I don’t really want to have to do that all over again.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, do any of you guys know of a system that works, broadly speaking, to deliver the functionality I describe that I can acquire off the shelf with only nominal levels of configuration?

My platform is an Arduino Yun R2, using Blynk, obviously.

If you’re planning on using this as a commercial solution then you should be talking to the Blynk guys about a paid service with a personalised server and some bespoke development.

Otherwise, I’d probably hard-code various URLs into my Arduino device and embed the appropriate on into the email. The rest is simply a case of putting the correct info on a web page at each URL.



This option is already available in Blynk for Business. If it’s a personal project, you can try using a webhook or http api and process it on your side. And yes, it would require certain work with 3rd party services, unfortunately.

Thank you, Pete, I hadn’t considered that approach. It’s not 100% what I need, but using URL’s as links as a starter for 10 is a great idea.

I’ll give that a go, thank you.

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Thank you Pavel. I’ll have a dig about in the Blynk for Business material and see if I can find the info.

I’m still in the prototyping stage at the moment and don’t have the budget for a business approach at this time, but it’s good to know that this is something I can do going forward.

Another tick in the box for Blynk. Many more of those and I’ll start running out of ink! :wink: So enjoy using your product, sir. :grin:

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