Compile issue moisture sensor ESP8266

I would really like help with my project. I’m trying to set up the ESP8266 with Blynk to install a soil moisture sensor, but I’m having a compile error. I already installed the libraries but I still can not finish the compilation! Here is a print about the error. Grateful

Not a Blynk related question.

Incorrect or invalid library: Adafruit_sensor.h

This will help you:

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Got it. The soil moisture sensor does not work very well just with blynk programming, I can not get a humidity scale ranging from 0 to 100 in blynk, so I’m trying to program this before compiling and using blynk.

Not sure what you’re talking about… working fine in my Garden Project.

Blynk works with everything.

A fix for your issue is as simple as removing those broken libs and putting in two lines:

int moistureSensor = analogRead(A0);
moistureSensor = map(moistureSensor, 0, 1023, 0, 100); // output 0-100%

Take a look at project Garduino to see the code in action (in Sensor)

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I compiled with just those line but it still did not work. Now the blynk Gauge remained unsuccessful. The Gauge would have to show information on a scale of 0 - 100 on soil moisture.
I still have issues with the code to make this work.

Blynk screenshot on my smartphone
My code on sketch

can you help me

You have LOTS of reading to do.

Im not sure you have even tried the examples provided by Blynk… if you had, you would know where you are going wrong.

@irwingbarreto let’s see where you have got to with your sketch.

Take a look at the animated gif on posting code at [README] Welcome to Blynk Community! and then post yours.

You don’t need to delete your unformatted sketches, simply edit them until they are displayed correctly.
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