Compatibility of libraries with local server

a few years ago I implemented my private project on a local server.
ESP32 devices use the Blynk 1.2 library.
But, ArduinoIDE regularly offers to update it to a new version. now it’s 1.3.2.
Please tell me if it is compatible with the local server version 0.41.16?
And in general, will updates be compatible in the future?

The last Blynk C++ library that was 100% compatible with Blynk Legacy local server was 0.6.1 and that is what you should be using.

You should really be running 0.41.17 as this has a Log4j2 vulnerability fix.

No! Blynk Legacy is no longer supported and there won’t be any local server or library updates, unless these come from 3rd parties.


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I’ve been away from Blynk for a hot minute. But running my old projects with the latest blynk esp library from gitub, I’m not able to compile the code because of this error:

In file included from /Users/iosph/Documents/Arduino/libraries/blynk-library/src/BlynkApiArduino.h:14,
                 from /Users/iosph/Documents/Arduino/libraries/blynk-library/src/BlynkSimpleEsp32.h:20,
                 from /Users/iosph/Documents/Arduino/blynktest/blynktest.ino:4:
/Users/iosph/Documents/Arduino/libraries/blynk-library/src/Blynk/BlynkApi.h:39:6: error: #error "Please specify your BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID and BLYNK_TEMPLATE_NAME"
     #error "Please specify your BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID and BLYNK_TEMPLATE_NAME"

Is there a specific version of the library somewhere that can work with my legacy code that uses local server?

Looks like you didn’t bother to read the last post in this topic before asking your question…

Can’t be much clearer than that can it?