Compatable board

I’ve look at the compatable board for blynk.
I could not find the specific board from the app but the blink website says that it is compatable with dfrobot’s board. May I know if the following is compatable? I just need to make a simple blink code to try out diy home automation…

Before I start I need to get one of the compatable boards.

Most people who have been doing this stuff for a while started with Arduinos fitted with Ethernet shields then migrated to NodeMCU devices like the Wemos D1 Mini that can connect to your home network via Wi-Fi rather than Ethernet.

The board you linked to uses Bluetooth, is there reason why you’re by looking at a Bluetooth option?


It can work. But I don’t suggest it if you’re a newbie and don’t want to pull off your remaining hair :wink:
But if you own one - you should just try.

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it is for home automation

So is the string that opens and closes my curtains :slight_smile:

I think he was asking for more specifics as to why Bluetooth, which has more limitations with Blynk then say WiFi, Ethernet, USB link or even Telepathy… well… that last one is in Alpha testing still…

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it is for automatic fish feeder.
I’m just starting to learn coding,
Which is easier to learn? programming makes use my brain and hold back Alzheimer’s Disease.
wifi or bluetooth ?

I just need to wireless control the arduino using ios devices.

How many pins will you be using?

For Blynk then ESP8266 (WeMos D1 clone) and Arduino IDE (C++) will be the easiest.

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it doesn’t matter, as far as programming goes, they are just the communication link between the MCU (Dev Board), Server and App.

BT/BLE only connects directly between board and the phone (App), but is not always stable and obviously only good when the phone is near. Lots of topics in this forum explain that in more detail.

Stick with WiFi as that will always be in connection to the Server and better for Home Automation.

As for the programming, well start small, read the Docs, check out the examples, and work your way up over time.