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Hi Guys,

Has anyone already raised the idea of a Compass widget, basically a circle with N E W S and maybe some tics for the degrees and a needle in the middle :slight_smile:

Would be cool.


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I agree. I am trying to show a direction heading of a windmill, and a compass widget would be perfect for that, to show wind direction.
At the moment none of the widgets really work as I had hoped.

How about using :arrow_up: :arrow_upper_right: :arrow_lower_right: and so on to show the direction?


Very unlikely this will be implemented. As you can use regular display widget for that.

Only for showing alphanumeric data from external sensor on MCU… AFAIK, there is no way, within Blynk, to get the compass (magnetometer) data from the phone sensor, .

And as for the look, many prefer a proper visual indicator. Gauge is the only real “round” widget, but is impractical to rework for other directional or indication methods due to it missing the bottom 1/4

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Ok. Probably I got the proposal wrong. Still - nobody uses sensors. So the answer still - very unlikely :slight_smile:.

?? How can one be sure? I have been trying to use a 2nd phone as an onboard multi-sensor for a rover… a compass could be useful for navigation. as is the GPS sorta works, but doesn’t automatically track (on map). And not that is is perfect, but other sensors on a 2nd phone can be used for all sorts of environmental uses, it is just tricky to distinguish which phone is supplying the data.

@Gunner we have the all stats regarding widget usage.

I guess you have the stats on how many people are using weather stations with Blynk… and I am not including all the other uses of a Compass…

Yes. But this don’t mean they will use compass.

Ah yes, the hidden issues with IoT… privacy :stuck_out_tongue:

But what about Local Server users? I would think that anyone really invested in experementing with differing ways to use Blynk is using a Local Server instead of Cloud.

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I was more thinking about showing Wind Direction.

You could always use Degrees to express wind direction, and add in one of the arrows as a quick reference.

I don’t know. But private servers are only 10% of all userbase, so you can do the math :wink:

Yes, I guess the App tells all :male_detective:… that’s why I cover up my cameras, so you can’t keep making fun of my hair :rofl:

@ssozonoff @WanaGo Well, I tried… no pretty graphic for us, but perhaps using code and a small array of 3x3 LED Widgets or the aforementioned display widget and arrows using unicode characters.

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How much work really is it to make a gauge that is 360 degrees, so you can enter a 0-359 number and the hand move. 0 being up, or something. The widgets are so simple, I would have imagined its not much effort at all. A slight extension of the gauge if not anything else, or make the gauge so you can make it full 360 rather than the bottom 1/4 being cut. Have it able to be customised as a setting.
The argument against seems baffling. How do you know what people want if you have not offered anything like it, or how do you know the application if all you see is raw data coming in? That data could represent anything.

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Actually, this is just a counter. So we have no selfies of you :smile:.

This one is already in the roadmap. @Pavel should know better when.


I never said there is no way of showing this data, what I am looking for is a good visual display of wind direction. Ultimately its a compass which works for visually showing the direction of anything. Wind, Robot, Dog you name it.

One of the many examples found out their

Making such Compass widget would cover few of the needs of our users. Instead, we’re working on a solution which would cover much wider audience. This is gonna be a widget which would show an image and you can change that image dynamically. For example, in your case, one could provide 8 images of his choice (W, NW, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW) to show wind direction. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


YES!! :smiley: That is the one great thing I like about the Nextion display, if the plain icon/widgets don’t fit your need then you can just have static imagery underneath a pointer or text… or even multiple images that rapidly makeup the entire gauge and needle movement. And if a little old Nextion CPU can handle that, then I think a smartphone should be more than up to the task.

Blynk, please take note of this powerful feature…

I downscaled all 200+ images (full gauge with needle in every position between 0-8) to fit my 2.4" Nextion to test it out… and it is so smooth that you can’t tell it is effectively an Animated GIF

The two temp and fuel gauges are simple pictures with a widget exactly like our Level Widgets, superimposed over top.

Add this type of user customisable UI graphics and Blynk will be almost unstoppable… you need to restore scalable fonts for total victory :innocent:

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