¿Cómo puedo añadir usuarios a mi app y gestionar diferentes tokens?

Hola! Estoy desarrollando una aplicación que quiero compartir a más personas, las cuales van a utilizar todas un mismo dispositivo o placa Arduino. Mi duda es si a cada usuario que comparta la app para que use el dispositivo, se le creará un nuevo token, y cómo puedo gestionar los diferentes tokens a la hora de hacer el código de Arduino. Como detalle, estoy usando un local server.

Is this a commercial project?


No, I’m a student and I need an app for my university project, designed for multiple users. One of the requirements is to manage different users.

If there is only one piece of hardware, with multiple users who share the app, then there is just one Auth token.
The problem you may have if there is only one piece of equipment with multiple users is that there is no user management, user permissions management or user auditing when sharing in the free version of the app.

If each user has their own hardware then you wouldn’t Share the app, you would Clone it, and then each user would have their own Auth token.

Blynk has a way of managing Auth tokens ion this situation, which is called Dynamic Provisioning. I believe that this can be previewed in the free version of the app, but needs a subscription to work correctly.

I’d suggest that you start talking to the guys over at Blynk.io about your eventual requirements and they will be able to give you more information and an estimate of costs.


This is very different from what you wrote a few minutes ago, then deleted…

Hello, not at the moment, but if everything goes well, we would like it to be. But as I say, the question is for the normal version.

User Management is not available in the free version of the app, so I’d suggest that you look for an alternative solution.


Okey, so I suppose that if I share the app, by not changing the auth token I will not be able to differentiate what data comes from each user… I will contact blynk.io guys for more information about Dynamic Provisioning. Thank you.

It’s my final degree project and if everything goes well, I would like to change to start up plan so I can publish my work. But, for the moment, I would like to make some test in free plan to know if Blynk is okey for my idea or I have to look for new solutions.

From what you’ve said, the free plan won’t work for you, as you need features that aren’t available.


Okey, bad notice… I will talk to Blynk guys and study other options. Thank you for your help and time!