Communication problem using SoftwareSerial between Arduino Uno and ESP-01

Hi, Currently i have this project that needs to be done by mid july.
I already finished all the sensors that i need, but i’m having problem with communicating my arduino and ESP-01 wifi module, it seems like my ESP-01 couldn’t read data from arduino, and also sometimes i found my ESP-01 having trouble by accessing AT Commands on Serial Monitor like not giving feedback, but sometimes did. do i need to config my ESP before using SoftwareSerial on Arduino Uno? Thank you.

You should probably start by reading this:


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Hi, Thank you for the response, and the article.
I’ve read it, and i actually already followed your step from youtube that also talk about it.
when i used the ESP for the first time i did flash firmware to lower version 0.9.5 with 9600 baudrate, if i’m not mistaken. Is it because of that i couldn’t use AT commands from arduino to ESP?
and also i didn’t used any resistor before. do you think by any chances one of those is the problem?

when i tried to to use the SoftwareSerial Example it doesn’t return anything except Serial.print on Setup saying “Good Night”.

None of what you’ve said makes any sense to me!

I don’t post software tutorials to YouTube.

I didn’t realise that there was an AT firmware version 0.9.5 for the ESP-01. It sounds very old, so you’d be better running a later version and setting the ESP’s baud rate using an AT command.

Which example is this?
The “Good Night” message makes no sense without seeing the sketch that you are running on the Arduino.

I don’t mention any resistors in the tutorial I linked to. On the few occasions that I’ve used an Uno and ESP-01 for testing, I’ve never used any resistors when connecting them together.