Communication between NRF24L01 transmitter receiver module to ethernet

any one can plz help me i have temprature sensor DHT11 connected with nrf24L01 which send me the temprature reading wireless but now how to connect nrf recerver data to Ethernet to take the reading to blynk app

You need another NRF to capture the signal on your Arduino and have the Arduino connect to Blynk to send along data.

How is your stuff setup right now? How do you read the temperature now?

thanks bro , right now i don’t have pics but soon i will send nrf transmitter and receiver pics

actually my project is to receive and transmit data from nrf modules from many locations so i have one nrf module also called as base station which is communicating with many modules from different location and now i want to control all device from blynk. so now i dint know how to connect my receiver with blink

actually nrf module have good range and also have very cheap than esp wi fi modules

Blynk will not communicate directly over these RF links. Instead you set them up as “normal” with whatever Arduino libraries and code is required on the MCU connected to your “base” module. Then once you can successfully receive all data from all remote sensors, you can integrate Blynk into the sketch to display the data to the App.