Communication between 3 devices

Hi guys, I need a help about blynk. My project consists of 3 devices, Raspberry Pi, esp12 and smart phone. Blynk local server runs on Raspberry Pi. I can send and get data from python software which is running on raspberry pi, with blynk application. Also I send an command to esp12. But I want to design a system that esp12 and raspberry pi can communicate amongst themselves. For example esp12 will send a data to raspberry pi python software on any virtual pin channel and I have to see this data on blynk app. But if my smart phone is close, other devices can communicate. Is this possible?

I guess you could use a HTTP client on the ESP to update the RPi?!

That is how Blynk works.

Communication is App <—> Server <—> Device (ESP12 in this case). The App doesn’t need to be open, or even connected to the sever for the the device to update the server and for the server to update the device.

You obviously can’t see these updates until you open the app, or send any commands to the server unless it’s via the device or the HTTP API.