[CLOSED] Android serial usb internet example

To make project compact and small I want to android phone usb serial by otg…and control it with other phone…

We don’t support OTG and have no plans for it. You can use Bluetooth if your smartphone has it.


How can we use Bluetooth and how to stream it using Bluetooth…

I guess @Pavel meant you can pair your phone to PC which will create virtual COM port. Then you can use serial example. Check your PC device manager for COM port name. Just surf how to create incoming Bluetooth com port.

According to Blynk documentation, there is no direct support of Bluetooth yet.

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this may help many including me…

Just to stay clear, your phone must communicate with server either blynk cloud or your local. This must be done via wireless network UpTo the best of my knowledge. Regarding Arduino side, you can use Bluetooth virtual com port but never tested it on Bluetooth shield. I guess however same concept as serial connection

I don’t want to use any shield :slight_smile:

I just want to ask ho to use android as serial monitor for blynk usb serial :weary:

@SlaveDuino I guess blynk is built on the idea of IoT which is in summary has three pillars : hardware (Arduino or other supported controllers) , Server for handling authentication access and mobile app. Your requirement for direct connection with Android can be achieved easily if you know mild knowledge of Android native programming using Java and serial communication away from Blynk project.

If you want to use Blynk, a direct connection between hardware and app is prohibited. Therefore, you can’t carry direct communication between Android and your hardware unless cloud or PC server is in the middle.

a serial usb connection is a feature of blynk can it be used in android os as serial moderator :confused::slight_smile: ???

If supports serial communication from hardware controller to server. Bkynk Android app can not be connected directly to Arduino. Remember authentication token to be sent to server. You can communicate directly to Arduino using your own Android app or perhaps via other apps on the store.

Not directly but using one as app and one as serial communicator

Pretty sure you can’t do what you want to do but explain what you want to send from X to Y and what X and Y is.

You might want to take a look at the DroidTerm interface to Blynk thread that I started back in January. Don’t look too closely at the code though at it’s not pretty.


can such an app be used with usb serial example android

See i want to make a moving project without any shield…so i can’t hook my arduino to laptop thus i want to hook it to a small phone…
OR a wireless comport using android mobile may help??

@SlaveDuino you are still not being very clear but if I understand you correctly you want an Arduino to have internet access via a Smartphone.

The only way I know of doing this is with the wireless AP on your phone and add a piece of hardware about the size of your finger nail to the Arduino. The piece of hardware you require is called ESP8266.

Hope this helps.

can’t I do it without hardware it’s a full utilization of a spare smart phone :open_mouth:

OK if not this how to extend usb wirelessely using smart phone and an otg cable??? :cry:

Yes if you are a very experienced coder it can be done, but it wouldn’t involve Blynk. For me I would just pay $2 for the extra hardware, use Blynk and save myself months of work.

not any method of usb extension over wifi using my mobile :dizzy_face: