Hey guys,

I’m trying to setup a local client with the client.jar to emulate the hardware so as I can test some stuff, however, it’s not working.

I’ve installed the latest server / client jars (0.12.3), but the trace output from blynk.log says:

08:06:53.849 TRACE - Incoming PingMessage{id=777, command=PingMessage, length=0, body=’’}
08:06:53.849 ERROR - User not logged. / Closing.

This is when I run the command to emulate the hardware:

MacBook-Pro-van-Bastiaan:Client bastiaanvisee$ java -jar client-0.12.3.jar -mode hardware -host -port 8442 login

is there something more I should configure? My is more or less default.

Hello. Client at the moment is not very user friendly. It was designed mostly for automation tests and is successfully used there. I have plans for making it better, but no time =(.

Few comments, you need to run it with :

Where “login” came from?

After start, you have 15 seconds inactivity timeout. After it connection will be dropped (you can increase this or remove at all via
So after launch you need to :

login auth_token

After that you are able to use ‘ping’.

Ah ok I see, user error :smiley:

I’ll just wanted to fiddle with it a bit, but I see I’d better put an Arduino in my bag pack with some connectors, lol.

or running Blynk node JS in Cloud9 so never forgot to bring your ‘hardware’?

I wish the Blynk Websocket ready soon, so we can emulate hardware in nice javascript Jquery page.

I have absolutely no experience with Node JS so far, so I guess that is something to look into, on the other hand, I did receive my new Pi today to use as server exclusively for my Blynk projects, YAY! So the possibilities are growing now.