Can someone that know please give me good news on my issue…please…

I have been working on using the blynk platform to populate my blynk app and i got it working. After first verifing that it would work the way i wanted it to. With the answer of yes with the pro or white label plan. But i asked Blynk sales a question and got the answer that blynk wont work. So that has ruined my day.

My question is. Does Blynk require internet? I would be connected via wifi to the esp32, but there will be no access to internet to there servers. I need the phone/ tablet to communicate with the esp32 and update. But if the esp32 and the tablet are connected without wifi.

Im confused… here are 2 messages i got from blynk about a month apart

From Blynk support

Both options will allow your users to control devices via mobile without having to go to the web, and also each user will be able to see and control their specific device. The main question is whether you need a standalone app published under your company name and your own server.

  Blynk support From today

Thanks for adding more details. Blynk is focused on having devices controlled and monitored over the Internet and does not communicate directly with ESP32, so I don’t see a way to support your use case as described, unfortunately.


No it’s not gonna work. You must be connected to the internet because everything is stored on the server.

I spent 2 months working with blynk because of this from support. All i can say is im massively disappointed. If the answer would have been no from the start it would have been 1 thing. I purchased the pro tier at there request to make this work. And now im S.O.L. fantastic

I think you misunderstood this part. " without having to go to the web" means without web portal, only via mobile app, and not “without internet”.

I would have to say that is true. Because i asked if it could be setup as a stand alone app or whether it needed the internet. And i was told a pro or white label would offer that. So i bought the pro package. So clearly i need to discontinue that service since it isnt usable in my situation

Sorry for the bad wording. We’ll improve that to avoid such confusion in the future.