Charts - web dashboard editor : incomplete copy


when cloning a chart from the web dashboard editor, colors of datastreams are not copied but are reseted to the default color in the new widget

I need 30 copies of the same chart, each one with 5 datastreams, it would need 150 color adjustments :exploding_head: where only 5 could be done

Is there any chance this to be corrected, or is there a property to remotely set datastreams color ?

thanks a lot



Thanks for the report. We will consider this issue.



And what plan are you using?

and where did you mean not saved? if you adjust the color in one diagram, when copying to another color, the color is saved

I use PRO plan

can you please test copy of copy of copy…

my original widget :

the copied widget :

(I changed the datastream in the copied widget but not the colors)

In this case, the chart copies will have the color set in the datastreams. These are the default settings. Sorry, this is not yet implemented.


Thank you Oleksii for your answer, ok I understand
I was a little bit confused because the colors are correctly transmited form copies to copies in the app