Changing the pin for the default banner in the app

Good day,

is it possible to change the data stream and V3 pin for the banner in the application, for example, to V40, or is it immutable?
When I change it, the banner at the top of the dashboard in the mobile application does not update, I have created a data stream with a STRING variable.

Thank you Pavel

// This function is called every time the device is connected to the Blynk.Cloud
// Change Web Link Button message to “Congratulations!”
Blynk.setProperty(V3, “offImageUrl”, “”);
Blynk.setProperty(V3, “onImageUrl”, “”);
Blynk.setProperty(V3, “url”, “Next Steps After Quickstart - Blynk Documentation”);

Yes, of course you can. The simplest way is probably to edit the datastreams created by the Quicklstart template and change the pin from V3 to V40.

Then edit the code to change from V3 to V40 and re-upload.

Check that the app has automatically changed the widget from V3 to V40, and if it hasn’t make the change manually.


Good evening,

thank you, I can do it now, I checked that the widget can be clicked into the settings.