Changing my email address

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I have a simple question. My email address has changed - I am still logging into my Blynk app using my old address but this is not ideal. Is there anyway to change my email address without losing my projects and the tokens that I have purchased?


Hello. Please send me ( your prev email and current.

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Hi @Dmitriy could you please outline how a change of Email address (for Blynk) is done on a local server.

Can it just be done in the admin panel or are there other changes to be made?

In the app is it not possible for passwords to be retained when switching from local and cloud server users?

It is not very obvious what the “traffic light” image does and even that you need to click it, especially as it has the “Problems signing in?” link right below it.

I guess with some thought the “traffic light” is actually a router and for experienced users this probably infers changing IP’s / server.

Blynk connected hardware can be programmed to access 3 different servers, Blynk domain name (default), Blynk IP address (backup) and local IP address. Would it be possible for the app to do the same, i.e. 3 servers are entered (rather than the current 2), radio button for “Yes, cycle through servers if server is down” etc?

Hi, @Costas

Please change property of and restart server.

In the app is it not possible for passwords to be retained when switching from local and cloud server users?

This is corner case. In general this is possible. But requires implementation.

Yes. This is possible. But again - requires many efforts.

Is this just for password change or does it allow a change of email address too? Only appears to allow a password change as far as I can see.

Do you mean user email? In that case you need just change username via admin panel.

I think it’s best to solve this in your backend using loadbalancers. That way you only need 1 address. This is very common practice these days. It’s also possible to solve this issue using DNS, but a loadbalancer is much more elegant and highly advisable because of user friendlyness. There is a free version of the Citrix NetScaler called VPX which you can run free with a limited data throughput (5 Mbps I think), but it should suffice to test this.

@Dmitriy admin panel duplicates the user when a new email is set. Password is not copied to new email address account but it can also be set in admin panel or via the app.

The duplicated user (with new email address) can then sign it and the projects are available but can’t be used. The new email address has the same tokens as the original email address. Do we need to delete the account of the old email address before the tokens will become available to the new email address account?

@Costas sorry forgot to tell you. You need to remove old user and restart server.

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One final question @Dmitriy, what happens to the csv data? Lost, transferred or something else?

It is assigned to old user email. For new email new csv will be created.

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