Change weekday and month language of Blynk RTC

Hi all,

My question is of it is possible to change the weekday and month text in other language? Because i want it in dutch instead of english.


Hello. It requires efforts from our side. This is not yet ready. But in general - yes, this is will be done.

Can i do it by myself in the time library of PaulStoffregen?
Maybe in this file “DateStrings.cpp”

Not sure what “days” do you mean here. Could you please show/tell?

I mean like, monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday. But then in a other language.
That DateStrings.cpp file showing those string days.
Is it possible to change it?

Yes. I understand. But I don’t understand where do you want to show this - on hardware side? On app side? On hardware - yes, you can change this. And you can send any text from hardware to app if necessary.

I want to show it on my nextion display from the esp8266. So i think hardware side.