Change user password via API possible?


In the solution we are building the user(actual person) of a device (smart holiday home) can change frequently (multiple times per month).

But the user should only have access during the period he/she rents the house.

We are able to distribute a new password/pincode to each new user.

How can I automatically (maybe via the API?) change the password of the blynk user account that is owner of the device?


as far as I know it’s not possible to change the password using api, but I guess you can use roles and permissions to allow or prevent the user from using the device.

I think I understand what you propose, but I basically want to create 1 user per device (and then give a person access by giving him/her the password that is valid at the time they have booked a house).

If I would have to create a user for each person using the house I would end up creating (and deleting) 1000’s of users each year…

Not sure if this would be a feasible solution?

Okay, you can create an account for example and share this account with the user, after 1 month for example you can change the account password and give it to another user, you got the idea right ?

yup, that is the idea I had. But this cannot be a manual action, some hire a house for a weekend, some for three weeks etc. And then (hopefully if the orders keep coming in) for hundreds pr maybe thousands of houses… Don’t wanna be resetting 100 accounts by hand each weekend :slight_smile: So looking for an automated process…

as far as I know, this can be done manually

Hello. That’s the interesting use case. At the moment you can’t automate it. But this is something we gonna have in the nearest future for sure (OAuth 2 API for orgs and users)

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@Dmitriy , that is good to hear, so I can sell this functionality to my customer? :wink:

Any more precise indication for “nearest future”? (I won’t pin you on this, but an indication would be nice)


Not until it is there :slight_smile:.

Q2. In general we have a lot ready things to make it happen, It is just not a prio at the moment.