Change the Green App Color

Hi there,

for sure this was asked thousands of times, but maybe I’m too stupid for this, or I just didn’t find the right answer so far.

Is it possible to change the color of the project bar (red box), or even hide it completely and as well the status bar (android, yellow box) ?

In my eyes, the green color clashes with most of the avalable widget colors
I’m hosting a blynk server on a raspberry


Unless you sign-up for one of the paid plans, starting at $166 per month, in which case anything could be possible.
(I’m guessing that Blynk green is now your new favourite colour :grinning:)


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Thank you for the info, but isn’t this strange ? There are tons of ways to customize the visualisation of the widgets itself, but to put a project together in a coherent, appealing looking color scheme should cost $166 per month ?

At least something like a kiosk mode would be great. A feature to hide both of the bars (or at least the project bar) would add more room for display information and would solve the color problem.

But maybe, that’s just me…

PS: Well no, Pete, that green will never make it to my favorite :wink:

It’s corporate branding, green is the Blynk colour and if you want to change to your own corporate colours then you go for a business account.

With the free version you get what you pay for.


I didn’t say I’d pay nothing, but $166 per month for changing or hiding a colored bar is a bit much, isn’t it ?

And well, corporate branding, but even that could be a little bit more decent. Even when it’s free… But what has my status bar of the phone to do with blynk ?

Ok, no problem, thanks for the info again, Pete.
I’ll fix it with a strip of duct tape, this fits surely best to the free version !

As I’m sure you’re very aware, you get an awful lot more than the ability to change the title bar colour when you fork-out your $166 or more per month.

Someone did post a picture of their homemade solution, a bit of red tape stuck across the top of their phone with ‘Blynk’ written on with a sharpie, but I can’t find it now. Maybe the idea will catch-on.


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Yeah Pete, blynk is absolute amazing, there’s no doubt about it and I don’t want to sound like it’s not…
I’m just an eye candy enthusiast and love it to play around with those things…

Well, the most of my projects have the smartphone displays always on and are stationary. For these I’ll just 3d print frames or stands which will leave just the neat part of the display visible… :smiley:


Of course, the problem with doing that is you won’t see the offline notifications that appear in the project bar.


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With local server you can use sparkfun theme.


@daveblynk Thank you for this Tip, I didn’t know about the sparkfun theme. I’ve activated it and it looks like a really cool alternative !!


How this can be done? I mean where to specify the sparkfun theme? ( at local Blynk server ofcourse )

Select Sparkfun board:

Well, I did it on the administration webui.


You’ll find it under users. I don’t have access to my blynk server right now, so I can’t post a screen shot…
After activated, restart the app on the phone and voila !

Dear @psoro Jose, thanks

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