Change name of device

I was looking for a topic about changing the name of a device, but I only found these for the Old Blynk 1.0.

Today I tried to change the name of a device by going into the Blynk Console to Devices >> Device Name >> … (three dots on the upper screen next to the online sign) >> Rename, but it is not possible to change it, even when the Device is taken offline.

Here it is not editable:

I saw something on the internet about making the Device-name editable in the metadata part, but there I don’t see something like that.


In “Rules and Permissions” there is no “Rename device” part, and the things called are not changeable.

I assume it is possible to change a device name? But how?

Do you have developer mode turned on for yourself?
What type of subscription do you have?
If it’s a Pro subscription then is the device associated with a sub-organisation?


Hello @Carlimero. Please check Name metadata in edit template.
Device → action menu → edit dashboard → metadata → device name → check Editable by end-users switch


:+1: That worked! Thanks.

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