Change mail content

Good morning everyone, it is a pleasure to be here among you.

I have a question. Every time you register a device in the mobile app, it sends you an email with a Token code. Is it possible to change the context that is inside this email? Can you make a more personalized email with another type of context? If possible, where and how can it be changed? I have a local instance of the server.

Thank you.

You need to create a file called single_token_mail_body.txt in the same folder as your server.jar file (usually home/pi/ on a Raspberry Pi).

The first line of the email will always be “Auth Token : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”.
The first line of your single_token_mail_body.txt file will then be appended to the end of this line, so if you want your personalised message to start on a new line the you need to begin your text file with a carriage return.

Now the important (and annoying) bit… you need to restart the Blynk server when you’ve created this file, and every time you edit the content of the file, for it to take effect.


Thank you very much Pete, that worked. Have a nice day.