Change color of blynk frame

Hi i would like to know if it is possible to change the frame colour from green to blue , and how could i add it to the code.

you cannot currently change it in the free version.
If you have your own local Blynk server, you can change to the Sparkfun theme, which is red…

Thanks for your reply but what about this video were they change it to yellow ?

Yes, im sorry about that, i thought you wanted the free app.
If you do as she says at 6:23 and subsribe and publish your app, pay to publish it, then you can probably select from a few different colors.
I do not know how many they have.

yes i was about doing it but i couldnt get to know the price of it cause the link seems broken, do you know how much does it cost to create the app ?

There is a new option in the beta App to change the “theme” (AKA top bar)… I tested it a few days ago.

EDIT as I was looking to make screenshots, I saw this disappeared… again… I think it is a work in progress, and has twice now escaped into the wild only to be recaptured :stuck_out_tongue: So perhaps not meant for the Free App yet??

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Check that out here…