Change blynk library from 5.0 to 5.2 now builds do not work

upgraded blynk library to 5.2 and everything stopped working again.

local server version 34.2

Now what ?

The port forwarding in the router.

Did you make ALL the changes required… including port 8080 in your sketchs and port 9443 in your App?

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Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass,“blynkserver”,8080);

Worked Gunner. I appreciate your help.


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I did notice that 5.2 library is very slow compared to 5.0.
I can build a very simple app with just one WidgetRTC and 1 virtual pin and 1 value display

Compile it with 5.0 and you can see the seconds tick off in real time.
Compile it with 5.2 and the display gets very behind 2 and 3 seconds behind.

Don’t know if this slowing down is due to flooding fix or not but is sure does slow everything down.

So I am currently back to 5.0 and all my time sensitive code works again…

There is some form of governor or anti-flooding that was added. Normally it will not affect anything unless it senses “too much too fast”, then it can seem like it slows the whole thing down (well, actually it does slow virtual pin data flow in some way).

So basically if you noticed the slowdown, then you probably have something coded wrong (virtualWrite sitting in the void loop() etc.) and effectively causing a mild data flood.

So double check your code… becasue you will need to keep the library relatively current, else other things stop working over time as the App and Server also get updated and will expect matching features only available in the other updated components.

No just blynk and timer in loop.

void loop() {;;                                  // it is acive low on the ESP-01)

How frequent is the timer?

1 second

You can enable BLYNK_DEBUG and see what’s going on

i’ll do that.Thanks