CD4052 analog Multiplexer with Nodemcu

I’m using a nodemcu so it’s limited me to use only one Analog pin (A0). So i heared about CD4052 analog Multiplexer so buy one of it and now trying to connect and code it with my nodemcu blynk project. Please help me to find out a sample code to do this. Thanks in advance guys

Try Googling this term.

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I tried much as possible, still trying. But i didn’t find out a code which represents blynk with CD4052 analog Multiplexer for nodemcu. Can u help me my friend? Tell me how can i search for this and what i wanted to do? Thanks for the rply my frd.

Blynk has nothing to do with an Analog Multiplexer. Whatever libraries or code it uses will just work, and then you can pull the info, as normal, for use in Blynk.

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Have you managed to multiplex without Blynk as this is always the first step? Adding Blynk is fairly straightforward once you have your basic requirement working.

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Oh yh. Thanks. By searching i got to know how to use it now i need to add blynk libraries :grinning::smiley: thanks my frd.

Yes my friend u r right. I should try in that way nah. Now i got a sample code by searching like u said in google. Now trying to get it for my requirements :+1::v: thanks for the guidance my frd.

That’s why the company is worth billions :slight_smile:

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:laughing::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::laughing: lol truly man. But one thing, i got many helps from Blynk community members when i was hard to find in google. God bless you guys. Thank u Costas