CCTV connecting to Blynk via Arduino mega

Gents,Please help,
I have a security system project which includes Arduino mega+Yun Shield+RFID +Servo Motor+Keypad+LCD and motion detector all are connected together to the internet and controlled by BLYNK.
I need to add a camera (Connected to Arduino system) to monitor any motion when the motion detector detect a motion. I need your advise what camera should i by and how to configure it in arduino and which widget in Blynk system.

A bit like asking for best underwear to buy and how to put them on… it’s all personal preference :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Blynk’s Video Widget will display a video using a URL from the video stream’s source (whatever that may be). Blynk does not monitor or control the video stream, so any motion tracking must be done elsewhere.

I think you will find you need a “bit more” horsepower to do this, then an Arduino ESP8266 or even ESP32 can properly supply… Google around at using a bigger Raspberry Pi or other type of SoC mini computer.

Thanks Gunner,
So Video stream in blynk can only be open manually not automaticaly according to the other stuff. Can i do this by Arducam (Camera connected to the arduino) or only by IP cam ? If you know something like this please help ?

Sure it can… you can assign a Virtual Pin and send it a new URL via code.

Thanks Gunner, It is clear now but i need any video that which can help me to follow if possible ,I didnot find something like this in youtube,I dont know which 3-d party services and what type of video format to use it in IOS.

The Information for the video stream widget says:

Widget supports RTSP (RP, SDP), HTTP/S progressive streaming, HTTP/S live streaming.

Personally, I’d use an IP cam and let video camera handle the motion detection. If you want to view real-time video then the video streaming widget is a good choice. If you want to view historic recordings stored on the camera, or on a DVR, then the webpage widget isa better choice.


Hi again ,
I have OV7670 and want to get a video stream in blynk via arduino mega, any help to perform this step by step?
I know i need a 3rd-p site ,Give me an example please.
Where can i put the above site in the code that i have to load it to my arduino IDE?