Cascade menu

I’ve been using Blynk for a while to control my Home Automation System.
But I’ve always felt like there is something missing on the Blynk App to allow me to create a User Interface using a cascade type of menu.
I tried the Tiles widget but I can only use one so if I have, for instance a couple of lights in my kitchen to control, I can create a Tile with all those ON and OFF buttons inside but that’s it. If I want another one for the Garage, I can’t do it with the Tile widget again.
I could use the Tabs but it is not a very user friendly interface, since it can only show 5 items at a time.

It would be nice if after opening a TAB item, I could have multiple Buttons that would be like sub-tabs of the first one and after clicking on one of those sub-tabs I could access all the related buttons used to control any device or gauges or whatever.

Thank you

Why? If your garage lights have different pinout, just add a new template for it.

If I create a new template, I can’t select the same device again.
It’s selection button is blacked out

Oh, I thought you were talking about different device used for Garage. Then yes, each device is presented by one tile in Tiles widget.

So, if my device is already there, there is no way of presenting the nodes conroled by that device in another way beside another item on the tab bar, on top. Right?

Tabs is probably the most convenient way to visually separate widgets, but not “the only” way. Some prefer to enlarge dashboard down the bottom and scroll to least used controls when needed.

And there is often a way to programmatically “reuse” some of the widgets - e.g. a button controls different stuff based on selection in segmented switch, etc…

Thank you Eugene. That segmented switch suggestion might be a possible way around this. I’ll give it a try.