Capture Blynk Timer's set time

I am just a newbie, trying getting use with this and since I cannot find the answer (T,T), I have to ask.

So, below, is a part of the basic code to give high value when the time on the Blynk display of Timer widget is set into certain time. For example if the time is set from 4:00:00 to 5:30:21, it will give 1 value at 4 am and 0 value at 5:30:21 am

On serial monitor, we able to see 1 or 0 value for "Serial.print("Got a value: “);” part.

  1. I would like to create the system that can capture the exact timing as well. For this case, I would like the codes to capture and display the value of 4:00:00 and 5:30:21 that has been set on timer widget(of course later I will change it into decimal number for further algorithm)

  2. One of the reasons I would like to capture this exact timing is, because I would like to return this value into the Timer widget again as the button reset is being called.

(note:I positively think this is possible but I cannot figure out for timer widget )

Thank you in advance.

  // You'll get HIGH/1 at startTime and LOW/0 at stopTime.
  // this method will be triggered every day
  // until you remove widget or stop project or
  // clean stop/start fields of widget
  Serial.print("Got a value: ");

Nope… that widget (Timer) is a simple time based App/Server controlled switch.

If you want more extensive time input control, then you can check out the Time Input Widget… it is more code intensive as all it does is send the chosen parameters to the sketch for your code to decipher, calculate and act upon, but appears it does have a way of updating the start and stop times from code… check out the examples for that

And some reading about how to use that widget…

Thank you for it!