Captive Wifi Setup & Blynk Device Registration Workflow


We are working on an IoT project using Raspberry PI as the base device architecture and the Blynk Python libraries. We have decided to use for device lifecycle management and using their integration with GIT for CICD pipeline. We are very pleased with their highly tuned and secure Yocto linux implementation and don’t foresee an option to go backwards and not have a well managed OS layer for our device. Their solution comes bundled with a Captive wifi setup that is integrated w/their Yocto/Docker architecture.

The new Blynk 2.0 provisioning workflow appears to tightly couple wifi setup and device registration features, which is making the integration w/the out of the box Captive workflow challenging.

Any suggestions on how to integrate the two or at lease integrate a 3rd party Captive workflow w/the Blynk device provisioning workflow?