Cant login to Blynk app

I downloaded Blynk app on my android phone but was not able to login.
The error message is “Something went wrong when connecting to the server. Please check if port 443 is open in your network.”
Next time when I open the app just a loading screen appears.
How can I solve this issue.

Hello. How exactly do you try to login? Did you have account already?

I created an account with my gmail on laptop and tried to login with it in my android phone.

@Gautham_Krishnan_Pri do you have internet connection on your phone?
@BlynkAndroidDev what else can we do?

I created an account with my gmail on laptop

We have no desktop app, where did you create an account? If on the forum - it has different accounts from the application, please create a new account in the app.

Yes I have an internet connection and it works just fine for everything else.

I tried creating a new account in the app but the message "Reconnecting to the server appears on the screen. I did a few attempts but the result is same.

@Gautham_Krishnan_Pri did you use facebook login?

I tried that. When I press the login with a Facebook button a loading icon appears and then disappears.

@Gautham_Krishnan_Pri facebook login doesn’t work right now Facebook account failed login issue. If you created account via facebook you need to reset/set the password via reset password flow within the app.

Change port in app is 9443

Please, update Blynk app. it will work…!!!