Cant get Uno to connect in Malaysia

My Arduino Uno project connects through the USB and runs fine from ate app in my iphone when I run the blynk-ser script here in UK. I have sent the project to my friend in Malaysia and the scrypt runs fine and it looks like it is connected but it dosent appear as connected on the app and none of th functions work.
I have asked him to ping the Blynk server and use notepad ++ to edit the IP and port to 8080.

set COMM_BAUD=9600


set SERV_PORT=8080

This he has done and it seams to connect but I don’t see that it is connected on the app in my iphone. I have a second identical project that connects fine for me here in UK.
Could being in Malaysia effect the operation of the device ?
Can anyone help please. Running diagnostics is not as easy now that the UNO is in Kuala Lumpur ! Thanks

I assume that he’s trying to connect to a project that you’ve created whilst in the UK?
In that case, the project will be on the Frankfurt server, and when your router tries to resolve it will go to the Frankfurt server’s IP address of

This is the server that your friend in Malaysia needs to connect to, so this is what needs to go in to the batch file.

When your friend tries to connect from Malaysia his router will resolve the Singapore server ( but your project doesn’t live on that server so the connection will fail - maybe with an “Invalid Auth Code” message, maybe not when using the USB connection script.


Pete, I really dont know how to thank you enough. By using the Frankfurt server it connects and I am able to operate the APP from here. I really do appreciate all of the help and advise you are sharing not only to me but to so many others on this forum. This goes a long way to turning frustration to a sensation of achievement. With best regards Charlie

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Glad it’s working.