Can't get my first simple project working(turning an LED on/off)

(I tried to put copy/paste my code and the log output here but I got a msg indicating I could only include 2 links as a new user… I don’t know why)
Nothing happens when I toggle the button.

HiLetgo ESP32 OLED WiFi

Familiar with Arduino, first time using Blynk

Used example sketch to turn an LED on/off.

Sketch compiles fine. Seems to run fine:

19:31:39.678 → [22077] Connecting to
19:31:40.201 → [22608] Ready (ping: 309ms).

I know Blynk is listening because, as an example, I get the message:

“Online since 07:31PM Mar 23,2021”

I set up a button and chose:

GP13 0 - 1

I wired up an LED/resistor and tested it with an external power supply before I hooked it up to the ESP32

That’s because you weren’t putting your code between trip[le backticks.
Triple backticks look like this:

TBH, I’d recommend using virtual pins rather than digital pins in the app.

Have you tied a non-Blynk sketch to successfully flash this LED when it’s connected to pin D13?

What board type did you select in the app?


Thanks for all that Pete. Good information. Since I first posted I have got a much better understanding of the environment. I can navigate the Blynk app pretty good now (for a newbie) and have found how useful virtual pins are. Not sure why but I got the LED on/off fixed by changing the digital pin from 13 to 2 and it started working.

Maybe you are using the nodemcu so the built in led is on GPIO 2 or D4 (note the D numbering is different from the GPIO see attached)

Thanks Dave. As noted in my previous post I did change to GPIO 2 and it started working. That said, I am using the 36 pin
HiLetgo ESP32 OLED WiFi Kit ESP-32 0.96 Inch Blue OLED Display
so the pin assignments are totally different.

My bad. Didn’t catch that.

While I have your attention maybe you could answer a quick question…
My next effort will be to control a DC motor with a slider. The slider is very small. I saw a reference to a ‘large’ slider on YT but none appear in the Widget list.
Have you heard of a ‘large slider’?

No I haven’t. On IOS the slider is only adjustable one way. See the dots at the end. I don’t have access to the Android version at the moment it is sometimes a bit different.

OK, thanks.