Can't get Level V title to show up

I am using a level V widget in my project. I have assigned it to V5 pin and set the upper and lower parameters. Everything is working in except, When I put a title like “Water Level”, it doesn’t show up at the top of the widget on the app screen. In all other widgets I am using the title shows up, like “Battery Level” on the level H widget and “Start/Stop” on the Switch Widget. Am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch. I have tried making it different size, deleting it and reinstalling. Nothing seems to work. The numeric level shows up but not the title. When I change to set up even the pin V5 shows up, but no title. I change from dark to light in settings with no title showing up. I have an iPhone 11 with the newest iOS.
Any suggestions?

Presumably because when used in the way it’s intended there is no room at the top for both the label (title) and the value.


the value is in the middle of the whole width of the screen. There is the whole left side from middle to left edge to put the label in. When I look at the level H widget the label is on the left half of the screen with plenty of room. Even if I put a single letter it doesn’t show up. Why have a place to put the label in the setting if there is no room for it?

I’ve just checked and the label does display in the Android version (which also has the option of whether or not to show the value - which the iOS version doesn’t).

Maybe one for @Eugene to take a look at when he has a spare minute or three :rofl:



Thnks, for report.

Will be fixed in upcoming app update.

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I just updated the blynk app but I did not see the level V Widget label. Was this fix in the latest update or will it be in the next one?

this didn’t get fixed in the latest update. Do you know when it might be fixed?

Hi @gbenna
Yeah, there were no app update yet. I don’t have eta.