Cant find automations templates

I am trying to set up automations to control several devices at once (for example turn on/off relays attached to different ESP32 board with a single button). I have a ‘PLUS’ subscription which shows the permissions below:

I am in developer mode.

Is it possible to create automations with these permissions? Is so, how? I have searched but the only help I have found appears to require permission to manage automation templates, which I don’t have.


My guess is that you’ve not made your datastreams useable with automations yet…


Hi Peter, many thanks for your response. I thought this would be the case, and before posting my query had made three datastreams useable with Automations:

There is still no sign of an Automations icon though… Any further thoughts?

Hi Peter,
The Automations icon has now mysteriously appeared - image below to help anyone similarly searching:

Original problem:

Then, for some reason which I cannot explain, it appeared:

Many thanks once again for your help.