Can't delete first device

I have a project with multiple devices. Now one is gone, and it’s the first on the list of the devices, but being the first I’m not able to delete it even if there are other devices left in the project. Is this by design or my problem?

if you have other devices in the project you should be able to delete. try to log out, kill the app, clear the app cache, restart app and log in. see if it helps.

It appears only the first one cannot be deleted… probably because it is linked to the project’s initial creation.

You can shuffle an active device over to the 1st position with a little Auth updating and adjustment in your widgets device selection. Or just simply ignore it… it will not hurt anything, just give the “offline” notification… which admittedly can be a pain :slight_smile:

@BlynkAndroidDev, can you please look into this?

Yes, at the moment, this is a known system limitation.
In future, all devices will be managed separately from projects and there won’t be such issue.


thanks for the info!

It’s been 2 years. How far into the future is this likely to be?