Can't delete an unused project

When I started with Blynk I created my first project, but on my development and improvements I changed to another project.

Now, I want to deleted my original, and now unused project, but I can’t find any way to delete it.

It suppose there is a button on the set up to delete it, but that button isn’t on my app.

I have to mention that on this project the settings button isn’t a nut.

There is any way to delete an unused Blynk project?

Then what does it look like to you?

Anyhow, when the project is stopped, hit the “nut” icon then scroll down… you will see the Delete option in red.

Maybe he was thinking about this :laughing: :

Maybe this will surprise you.

On my blynk app I have two projects, the one I want to delete, doesn’t have any of those “nuts”. This is a snapshot:

and, If I go to the bottom, it doesn’t show the delete option:

Now, after the friendly jokes, I can add:

  • The project I want to delete was the first one created when I subscribed to Blynk. Don’t be confused by the name “New Project”, because on the attemps to delete it, I deleted it’s name.

The second project and the full and final version does show the “nut” and delete option at the bottom.

My android app is updated to the last available version.

Any help?

That face means you have created a My App from the project. You can’t delete the project until you delete the My App.

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Thanks @Costas, I’ll check as soon as I get data coverage on my phone.

Ah Ha!!.. That makes more sense… thought we were all going nuts :stuck_out_tongue:

Having never ventured into the publishing realm of My Apps, I was unaware of how it works… OK, still don’t… I “created” a test project from one of my existing ones, but I can’t seem to find a page that looks quite as similar to yours screenshots… I still see delete options but can’t seem to get a device QR… so since I haven’t a clue what I am doing, I will defer any further advice for now :wink:

EDIT - OK, got it… You need to scroll over to the “Start” page, click on My Apps, click on the “project”, click on the Settings “Nut” and scroll down to the Delete option.

Then after all this your “project” can be deleted as normal.

Thanks for all the help and the fun @Costas, @Gunner, @fbs27. After deleting the app I created on my experiments the “face” changed to a “nut” and the delete option appeared.

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