Cant connect with Blynk using Ethernet shield

i am trying to connect to blynk using Arduino UNO and Arduino Ethernet shield, however it doesnt work in the serial monitor i got this all the time
[0] Blynk v0.2.2 [0] Getting IP... [1513] My IP: [1513] Connecting to
I am using currently the last version of the library and IDE.Also i am using the code that is given from Blynk examples without any modification.


@Yazan_Qiblawey maybe the examples are out of date because you shouldn’t be connecting to This server was retired more than 6 months ago.

Provide a link to the sketch you are using.

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Please update to latest library version.

Thanks the problem solved.
the problem was from my PC when i would like to update the libraries in my IDE, it doesnt due to firewall.

Thank you again