Can't connect to air board

New user. I am having trouble connecting to air board. Codebender was used to flash the auth code to the air board but I keep getting error that air board is offline. It does seem to drop the ble link pretty easily

Also buttons in blynk don’t correspond to onboard led pins 5 and 9

Any suggestions or just dump the air board and try something else…

AIrboard is in our roadmap. It’s not supported yet actually. It’s a bug that it is listed in the App… Sorry

Hi there!

Here is how to have Blynk work with The AirBoard/BLE-Link:

  • plug in the BLE-Link shield to your AirBoard and the USB BLE-Link dongle to your computer
  • upload Blynk’s Arduino_Serial_USB.ino sample code to the AirBoard (don’t forget to enter your Auth Token)
  • launch socat (skip server parameters): ./ -c your_serial_port -b 9600
  • type your serial port when prompted: Select serial port [ ]: your_serial_port
  • first add a single D5 button as shown in this video to control the pin 5 green LED and connect your smartphone to your WiFi network

That’s all folks! No bug :heart_eyes:


Hi there, I am completely new to this game so forgive my ignorance. I have installed socat but I do not understand the concept of skipping server parameters. I am trying to run a command inmy mac terminal:

socat ./ -c /dev/cu.usbmodem621 -b 9600

but that does not go well. Could you please help me to correct my syntax?

Thank you kindly :smile:

Hi, you probably want just to launch the blynk-ser script and not type “socat” before I think. I understand that server parameters are not needed if you just want to run local. On those points, the Blynk team should know much better.

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@theairboard is right. Here are more details on how it should be run.